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It is incredibly easy to create a website and sit there, pressing that refresh button forty times a day in the hope that it will be bringing in views. Those views seem like very little, until you convert them into customers and, ultimately, sales. A¬†business without sales… Well, it’s not going to last particularly long, is it? Which is why it is a good time to consider giving your website a blog.



There is a reason why everyone is a blogger nowadays. Bloggers (or “influencers”) write content and make money through advertising, brand collaborations and sponsored content. But where does this come into creating a blog for your business?

Firstly, it seems incredibly easy to just write your thoughts and opinions but blogging takes a little more work than that (we will write about that later!) however, blogging is fun too. It’s a way to be creative and promote your business.


A cheeky way to drive traffic to certain pages is to write a post that will relate to what you are selling.

For example, if you are a bakery and are looking to sell more wedding cakes you could do a blog post titled “10 Wedding Cake Designs We Are Obsessed With.”

From this, you will continuously mention within your post, and hyperlink to your services page, that you can do those cake designs and for a great price. Thus driving people to go from reading your content to buying your product.


Blogging for a particular niche (aka your customers) is what will have them coming back for more. Give them a reason to read your posts.

Again, if you were a bakery, you could do simple recipe posts and create recipe cards for people to download, print and try out for themselves.

This doesn’t mean people won’t buy from you because you’re giving something for free. It just gives them a taste of what YOU have to offer THEM. Plus we can all enjoy a cake made by someone else once in a while!


Ever asked yourself, “how can I get to the top of Google?”

Well, it can be hard. Especially for smaller, newer businesses. And it’s all down to Search Engine Optimization (again, we will touch on this in a post on another day because it’s pretty complicated to go into).

BUT creating lots of interesting informative content that keeps your customers updated and entertained will drive more clicks to your website, thus improving your Google ranking.

For example, if I were to search “wedding cakes”, it’s pretty unlikely a small bakery from Brighton will be on the radar. However, we are much more specific in our searches nowadays. So it is more likely someone will Google, “unconventional wedding cakes in Brighton” and you were to blog using those key terms, then voila. You’re more likely to be viewed (especially if you use HQ images and SEO the hell outta them… watch this space).

Overall, blogging is a great (and mostly free) way to keep your customers and prospective clients updated with your business and encourage them to use your company.


Once the content is done, get sharing it on your social media!


See what we did there?

If you are looking to include a blog on your existing website, contact us and we can discuss what it is you are looking for.

Or if you want a complete website rehaul the Start-Up Plus Package is perfect for you. We will create your website and get a blog set up, ready for you to post.

We can also do some content for you for £50 a post*. Again, drop us a message and we will be able to create something beautiful together.

*Minimum of 300 words, SEO and images.

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