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BrainTrainersUK:  As with all clients it started with a phone call from a local business looking for a local professional Web designer.  BrainTrainersUk website had been down for a weeks, they couldn’t get hold of their current design team who were half way up the country and unresponsive to calls and emails requesting an update on their site. A small business needs to be online 24×7 an online sales tool always ready for any viewer. BrainTrainersUK a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Mental Well-being Specialists are based in Sussex as CoodenWeb Design are in Bexhill we are a natural fit. Following a face to face meeting and a cuppa we had a plan, further details supplied using our new business questionnaire and several calls and emails – the design started.

The scope, an eye catching graphic orientated dynamic website with a blue border !! The Aim was to get across the message that its not ok to suffer with mental illness at home, work or school anxiety, depression, stress need to be discussed openly and there are specialists out there that really care and can quite possibly help. BrainTrainersUK offer packages for in-school, in-office, and individual therapy they are specialist registered NHS mental health nurses with career long experience in helping and guidance.


A fully functional multi-platform website to stand out from the usual services a variation on the current UK wide generic services available introducing mental health workshops to the office, but if as an individual you have found this article and are suffering please reach out, get talking the first step is the hardest, your braver than you think, you can do it.  BrainTrainersUK now have a reference site that will showcase all elements of the business and professional services offered.

The brief included:

  • A Website site that will showcase their services
  • A website able to show specifics of each service
  • Creation of a new business logos and imagery
  • Content for each page
  • Improved SEO
  • Domain Migration
  • Hosting and monthly support (including content updates and changes)
  • A Managed Google Business page


We are trained accredited Cognitive behavioural therapists with many years of experience delivering high quality therapy that works. Your company could benefit from the quick delivery of therapy to enable your staff to remain in work, therefore reducing the cost of sick leave both in financial terms but also in lost efficiency and continuity.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an evidenced based intervention that enables change in how people think and what they do. We help develop understanding of what the old unhelpful patterns are and how to challenge these to find a new perspective. We look at how to set realistic achievable goals to encourage change. We offer Wellness Action Plans for employees to embed these strategies that have longer lasting impact.

We have a Team of CBT therapists available to offer face to face therapy if you are based in Sussex, or alternatively via phone or skype enabling a very convenient service for your business.


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