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When it comes to design (especially on the web), we can all get a little carried away. We see 9 fonts we love, want to use all the colours of the rainbow and have every widget going. But there’s a reason the term “the simpler, the better” exists. It’s because it is true. To ensure your branding is professional, sleek and stylish there are a few rules we follow.


  1. Consistency is key – Try and keep your branding the same across all of your social media, website and marketing. This will make your work recognisable amongst clients.
  2. No more than three colours – There can be slight variations in different colours but don’t go too overboard.
  3. Be sure the colours work well together – Lime green, neon pink and turquoise is a migraine waiting to happen… You may like those colours but does it suit your brand?
  4. Make sure fonts are legible – Never have full sentences in ALL CAPS or in swirly, fancy typefaces. Keep main body text as Serif and make the logos legible and stylish! As with the colours, try to limit the type of font you use to three.
  5. Mix fonts… correctly! – Mixing typefaces for logos and title work can take some experimentation. Keep handwritten and serif fonts paired for the ultimate design. And remember opposites attract (swirly and bold, fat and thin). And if you want to keep the font the same throughout the logo, try using two colours like we have.
  6. Have only the web tools you will use – Do you ever use the calendar in your sidebar? Do you need a visitor counter? No, then remove it. Clutter will make your website messy and difficult to navigate.

Don’t be a Homer…

Not one for design? Contact us and we will help you create the best branding possible! 


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