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Blogging isn’t for everyone. Some people have it and some people don’t. Often, especially with businesses, it’s down to time. Because creating decent blog content is time-consuming. Which is why we offer the service of writing blog content for our clients. But for those who want to write the content but not sure about the other bits and bobs, this post is here for you!


First of all, what is a blog?

Simply, it is a website where content creators share ideas, thoughts, opinions, reviews and concepts. It’s become particularly popular since the likes of Zoella have become multi-millionaires after blogging and creating YouTube. However, she (and many successful bloggers) started nearly ten years ago. So, is there room for you?

Of course, there is!  But there are a few things you need to do, whether you’re a business or an individual looking to create your own small part of the internet.


  1. A niche, subject, topic – What is it you’re offering people with your content? What is the point of your blog?
  2. A platform and hosting – A place to blog is important. There are many free options out there but they are INCREDIBLY limited when it comes to being creative. We at Cooden Web offer hosting and a platform set up for just £19.99 per month with unlimited web support.
  3. A design – There are plenty of free designs to choose from. But they LOOK like they are free. When you get us to design you a website/blog we will show you various designs and include it in the price of setting up your website. Here’s what all websites need, even blogs!
  4. Social media – How else are people going to see your posts? Share your content across all of your social media!
  5. Branding – Have a logo that is consistent with your brand and use it across your social platforms (headers, profiles etc.)
  6. Posts – Create a bunch load of content and schedule them! Ensure you use SEO and keep your content informative and consistent.

Once you have a well-established blog which you promote excessively thought social media and the rest of the internet, you will see an increase in views and hopefully some collaborations, sponsorships and sales. But be warned it takes a lot of work, networking and high-quality content so be sure that you are serious about starting a blog from scratch! Otherwise, you can add it to your existing site, which we can help you with (dependent on your current platform).

Need help with creating a blog or need someone to write your business content? Contact us! 


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