Scope of Work and Invoice Online Quote Form

Our Bespoke forms save you time and money.  A bold claim ! How do we do this ?


Setting off to quote for work before heading to or after a days work, then sitting at home writing up quotes and emailing your potential customer at night because you want your quote to be with them in a timely manner ideally before your competitors quote gets there right. Using the same old document template.

What if you could while visiting your client put all the relevant information directly into an online quote form via your tablet or mobile phone add options, prices and email it there and then ? Your & your client get an email with a tailored PDF attachment that they can read before you’ve got back to your car.

Now if that PDF attachment has your payment terms and bank details, be it to pay a deposit or for payment once work has been completed, you don’t have to spend nights writing invoices and sending more emails.

Easy filing of work complete saving time hunting quotes and invoices come accounting time matching invoices to payments made from your inbox.


Remember when your time in the evening was for family time or relaxing ?? 

Give our Bespoke form a test run, We do not keep your details or add you to mailing lists, we won’t contact you and try selling you the service, we believe once you see it you will want to give us a call.

CoodenWeb Bespoke Online form Demo

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