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Told you we would discuss SEO! And that is because it is darn confusing and requires it’s very own blog post. So, what is this mysterious acronym?


In all honesty, it seems like an easy one to explain but it’s not if you want a true definition. So we are just going to focus on what it is in simple terms and then look at how we can make it work for your website.

To put it as simply as possible…

SEO is the technique of ensuring your website shows up when people search for a word or phrase on Google or other search engines.


There are some simple little tricks that can help improve your SEO and get you spotted on Google.

  1. Write content using phrases people will search for in Google, being as specific as possible.
  2. Repeat certain phrases and terms throughout your website.┬áBut don’t go too overboard!
  3. Deep link content. This is the simple practice of linking to other pages on your website.
  4. Share content on your social media platforms.
  5. Write blog posts, linking pages to your website. Create regular and relevant content that people will love to share.
  6. ALT text on images using the phrases you selected. Here’s a bit about Alt Text and what it does. But trust us, when uploading your images, if you see an ALT Text option, use it.
  7. Remove broken links. Not only is it annoying for your viewers to click on a link to find the page doesn’t exist but it affects your Google ranking.

These simple changes can help build your viewership as well as Google ranking. We offer a simple SEO startup for your website when you purchase one of our web design packages. We will also run through basic SEO with you in your web training. In the meantime, we hope these little tips will help your online visibility.

Come back soon for more tricks on how to get people to visit your site and stay there!


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