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When you live in an area such as East Sussex, it may seem reasonable to go to a London website designer. However, when it comes to any small business, it is important to choose local assistance. But why?

We promote your business

One of the best things about working with a local business is that it gives you the opportunity to promote you. There’s always a chance someone who is within the area will see your company details whilst searching for their own web designer. Should a company look through our work, they will also discover your services.

Understanding of the target market

When a local is creating a website for you, they know better than a designer in Manchester who your target market is. Demographics are one of the biggest factors with website design and who they target. We know the area, the locals and what your potential customers see in you.

Better communication

We are able to meet with our potential clients as they are neraby to discuss the vision and goals of the new website. It is important for us to have a coffee with you to get a feel of what it is you are looking for whilst being able to answer any questions.

Local prices

London salaries mean London prices. Living in East Sussex means that you would be paying the same costs as someone in the city, despite being by the coast. When you pay for a local designer, you pay local prices.

If you are based in East Sussex, why not work with us to help increase your business with a new website? Get in touch today!


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